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Sticking with the “Sunday cleaning” theme I decided to finally tackle a pin about removing stains from my microfiber couch.

Mission Get Stain Out A Microfiber Couch
A few months ago I noticed a stain on my couch after having friends over. I have no idea what type of food or drink it was from but it is a beast of a stain. (Super difficult to get out!) I went to my go-to for cleaning solutions, Pinterest, and found a solution from blogger Julia of 551 East.

Supplies: White sponge, white bristle brush, spray bottle and rubbing alcohol

Before going any further note Julia explains that is is important to work fast as rubbing alcohol evaporates quickly. She also suggests trying a test section (which I 100% agree with)

Julia’s instructions

Pour the rubbing alcohol into the spray bottle and saturate the stained area.
Take your sponge and scrub the area (don’t be afraid to put a little muscle into it) If sponge starts to get really dirty use a new once so you don’t transfer dirt back onto your couch.
Let the area dry. Once it dries use the white bristle brush to refluff the areas you cleaned.
Easy enough but even after successfully testing a small area on the back of my couch I was concerned about saturating such a noticeable area on my couch. Instead of using a spray bottle and sponge I dipped a toothbrush into the alcohol bottle and got to work.

The Result
Win! Woo Hoo! This worked like magic and my couch was back to looking brand new in less than 20 minutes (including dry time). Definitely adding this trick to my cleaning arsenal!

This method also works for removing pen stains. Even the king of the house, our kitty Rory, was impressed with the restoration of his throne.